Melissa Lubke (nee Williams) was born and raised in a tiny bush community of Kulnura on the regional Central Coast of NSW and influenced by the family printing business.

Melissa established a graphic design and multimedia career in metropolitan Sydney then migrated to Tasmania in 2006 to disconnect electronically and return to her first love of visual arts that won her the North Sydney Art Prize in 1997.

Nurturing ideas by studying more manual arts practices and working with a variety of mixed media materials along with warm glass skills to create installations she enjoys exploring themes of light, loss, community, and hope.

She draws inspiration from artists such as Rosalie Gascoigne, Yoko Ono, Marcel Duchamp, and Andy Goldsworthy and aims to engage and inspire communities to interact and build healthy relationships through intrigue and the use of art.

Her recent works in her solo exhibition ‘Confronting the Negative’, explore complex emotions after losing her husband in 2016 in a tragic accident whilst pregnant with their third child. She aims to establish herself as a sought after creative consultant and project manager for health and well-being community organizations.