‘Rays of Light’ is an open invitation to attend a hands-on workshop at local Men’s Sheds. The workshop will consist of many visitors drilling thousands of holes to form images of people and things lost to the community.

The project will result in a simple and effective, astronomical piece of community contemporary art called ‘Rays of Light’. This activity aims to reach out to men and others in the community and unite them to get their hands onto tools and process emotions in a practical, distinctive and effective way.

The process of reflection is one of healing. The final mural will be acquired and be used as a sculpture screen in the township at a later date. The workshop is based on a work for my own art ‘therapy’ to process my own grief. Partnerships with mental health organisations such as BlackDog Institute are encouraged to provide literature and presentations on mental health warning signs and ways forward.

Artist Concept: Have you lost someone or something and would like them remembered in a unique way? Melissa Lubke will transform your loved ones image into a dazzling group mural.

We cannot know the days we have on this earth, just as we cannot count the number of stars in the sky. What matters is our attitude and outlook. We remember what we have lost or could lose – our loved ones, our dreams, our property, our animals and although they are shadows in our lives we also see rays of hope of a brighter future as we embrace solidarity as a community.

The final artwork will give the impression of thousands of stars giving off rays of light during the day and if backlit, also during the night.